St. Mark's Episcopal Church
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Adult Formation

Christian education doesn't end with confirmation. In fact with our confirmation we promise anew to continue in the apostles' teaching. This means that as adults we continue on the life-long process of formation begun in our baptism.

St. Mark's takes adult formation seriously and offers a variety of ways to continue our Christian education throughout the year.

If you have any questions about adult formation - or any suggestions for future programs - please speak with the rector.


Adult Formation takes place Saturday mornings 9-10:30 am in the undercroft (unless otherwise noted).

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If a book is required and you need help getting it please indicate that when you sign up.

2016-17 Adult Formation Offerings!
Speaking Christian
Why Christian Words Have Lost Their Meaning and Power - And How They Can Be Restored

Using the book by Marcus J. Borg we will spend 6 weeks exploring a variety of Christian concepts.

Saturday mornings - 9:00-10:30 am

Oct. 8 - Speaking Christian; Beyond Literalism; Salvation; the Bible

Oct. 15 - God; God's Character; Jesus; the Death of Jesus; Easter

Oct. 22 - Believing and Faith; Mercy; Righteousness; Sin; Forgiveness and Prepentance

Oct. 29 - John 3:16; Born Again; The Only Way; The Ascension; Pentecost

Nov. 12 - Rapture & Second Coming; Heaven; The Creeds & The Trinity

Nov. 19 - The Lord's Supper; The Lord's Prayer; Conclusion

Pick up a book and read the first 4 chapters before the first class!


2017 Lenten Program
Embracing a Life of Meaning
Wednesdays in Lent - 7-8:30 pm

Best-selling author Kathleen Norris provides a unique viewpoint of "what matters most" in these 5 sessions. We will spend time watching her DVD presentation and then take time to reflect individually and in groups.

Mar. 8 - Belief Matters: Why does belief matter? To what do we give our hearts? What is the core message of what we believe - creeds or commitment? To what extent is to believe also "to belove"?

Mar. 15 - The Bible Matters: The Bible is our collective story. How is that story reflected in our daily lives? What is it about the Bible that always seems to address our present moment?

Mar. 22 - Community Matters: In community, individualism and imperfection meet grace and acceptance. What is our part in the Body of Christ?

Mar. 29 - Place Matters: In what ways is faith set within the physical space of home, church, land, and people.

Apr. 5 - We Matter: What it means to remain in God's image and to counter our selfishness by embracing the world and it's needs?


Conversations with Scripture:
The Gospel of John

Using the book by Cynthia Briggs Kittredge we will take an indepth look at John's Gospel over 6 weeks.

Saturday mornings - 9:00 - 10:30 am

Jan. 14 - John Among the Gospels: Orienting John in History and Canon

Jan. 21 - Beginning at the Beginning: The Gospel Prologue

Jan. 28 - Mighty Works: Signs in the Gospel and the Gospel as Sign

Feb. 4 - Your Father the Devil: Jews & Jewish Tradition in John

Feb. 11 - The Beloved Community: Leadership Among the Disciples Whom Jesus Loves

Feb. 18 - Multiple Modes of Knowing: Easter in John

Pick up a book and read the first chapter and The Gospel of John in your favorite Bible before the first class.