St. Mark's Episcopal Church
       111 West Shore Road ~ Warwick, RI ~ 401.737.3127

St. Mark's History

The first services at St. Mark's were celebrated by the Rev. Canon Anthony Parshley in 1948 at a local community hall. In August of that year, land for a church building was generously donated by the Potter family. The foundation was laid, and services continued in what is now the undercroft until the superstructure was completed in 1956 led by the Rev. Edward M. Dart and later served by the Rev. Dwight (Mike) Hambly and the Rev. McGee.

The early 1960's saw the parish grow to over 500 communicants. In 1965 St. Mark's achieved the status of independent parish and the Rev. Thomas Gardner was installed as the first rector and was assisted by the Rev. Clifford Carr. After his relocation to Texas in 1968 the search for a new rector called the Rev. Kenneth Franklin. Fr. Franklin was installed in January 1969 and remained at St. Mark's until his retirement in 2001. Under his guidance the parish thrived, establishing a youth ministry, the junior choir, numerous community outreach programs and fellowship activities that remain an integral part of our common life today. In 1998 St. Mark's rejoiced as our parish celebrated 50 years of existence in service to our Lord Jesus Christ.

After Fr. Franklin's retirement the church entered an interim period until the Rev. Georg Warren was called as rector in 2003. Fr. Warren quickly became known for his warm heart and enthusiastic ministry, along with his penchant for riding a motorcycle. He served until early 2008 when he left St. Mark's to marry his fiancee and move with her to Georgia.

In September 2009 the Rev. Susan Wrathall was called as the fourth rector of St. Mark's. She began her ministry with us on November 1st, All Saints Day.