St. Mark's Episcopal Church
       111 West Shore Road ~ Warwick, RI ~ 401.737.3127

The Vestry

Our vestry is an active group of parish members elected at the Annual Meeting to lead the parish. Primary responsibilities of the vestry include the stewardship of our buildings and grounds, and our financial resources.

Recently the vestry has adopted a Strategic Plan to take St. Mark's into the future.

If you have any questions or concerns please email or speak with one of the vestry members. You can tell who they are by the Vestry pin they wear.

Vestry Members 2020


Paul Howard: : Senior Warden

Judye Nazareth: Junior Warden

Shirley Kolarik: Treasurer

Sherri Bailey: Clerk

Ron Bailey, Deb Bergeron, Tammy Chauvette, Bill King, Brian MacDonald, Jackie Nelson, Donna Orichio, Robin Monica, Linda Rinn